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Maryland Football Depth Chart Released For Season Opener Vs. Miami

The University of Maryland opens the season a week from today against the Miami Hurricanes, or what's left of them, in a Nationally televised game at Byrd Stadium in College Park. In terms of season opening games, I can't think of a more exciting one that Maryland has played in in the last few years. The Terps released their depth chart for that game, and it has a few things of note in it, via Testudo Times.

The most glaring is the complete absence of D.J. Adams, who many thought would be the back up running back this year. He isn't listed anywhere.

he's not in the three-deep at RB, having been surpassed by CB-convert Jeremiah Wilson and true freshman Justus Pickett. Edsall's had his fair share of "WTF?" depth chart decisions (A.J. Francis at the bottom of the depth chart in spring training, for example), so I'll just chalk this one up to that. Again. Unless there's some injury we don't know about - possible, I suppose, as the injury report won't be posted until Wednesday - it's not a promising sign.

Adams was expected to be a valuable short yardage back this year, so hopefully there is some reason that he isn't listed at all. Some less interesting but still important observations:

  • Kevin Dorsey is listed as a starting wide receiver while Ronnie Tyler will remain in the slot. Dorsey has some serious talent and could thrive as a primary target of Danny O'Brien.
  • The defensive line, featuring David Mackall, Joe Vellano and A.J. Francis looks incredibly scary, on paper at least.
  • The linebackers have a chance to be a real strength of this team with Kenny Tate and Demetrius Hartsfield.

There aren't very many surprises, but actually seeing how all these rumored moves actually look on paper gives us a much better idea of what the time will look like when they take the field next week.