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Ish Smith Sort Of Praises Maryland Basketball Fans

Ish Smith is a former Wake Forest guard who did an interview with Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! previewing the ACC. Buried within the interview was Smith's thoughts on the toughest road venue in the league.

I know people will automatically say Cameron and we never won in Cameron, but Cameron was fun to play in. So I'd have to say Maryland. Their fans are great, but they have no filter. That's what makes it special and that's why players hate playing there. Duke fans come up with different things and they're really, really clever. But at Maryland, they do whatever it takes to get you off your game.

On the one hand, Smith is saying that Comcast Center is a tougher road venue than even Cameron Indoor Stadium. On the other hand, he's saying the fans at one venue are "really, really clever," and that venue isn't Comcast Center. Feel free to interpret this however you desire.