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College Football Rankings 2011: Maryland, Navy Shut Out In USA Today Poll

The two major local teams were both shut out in the preseason edition of the USA Today poll, not even receiving any votes for consideration. Maryland's ACC Atlantic Division rival Florida State was ranked No. 5 overall.

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The first college football rankings of the 2011 season are trickling out, leading off with the USA Today/Coaches Poll. The preseason edition of that poll, though, was not kind to local teams. Maryland football, despite winning nine games last year, was shut out of the poll, not even receiving a single vote. The same goes for Navy and all other local teams.

Oklahoma will open the season on top of the polls, followed by Alabama, Oregon and LSU. Maryland's ACC Atlantic Division rival Florida State will begin the season at No. 5 in the country. The only other ACC team in the top 25 in the poll is semi-local Virginia Tech (No. 13). Miami, North Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina State and Georgia Tech, in that order, were among the others receiving votes. North Carolina making that list despite the recent firing of coach Butch Davis seems a bit surprising.

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