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Randy Edsall Discusses New Strict Policies For Maryland Football

Newly minted University of Maryland head football coach Randy Edsall spoke to the media on Thursday at a press conference, during which he laid out some of the finer points in his plan to take the Maryland football program from its moderate success of the past decade under Ralph Friedgen to a future full of ACC titles and BCS bowl games. 

Deadspin noted some of the talk and offered a pretty good summary of some of the more stringent aspects of the Edsall Regime's new set of laws: 

"Among the new rules: physical punishments for lateness. No earrings. No do-rags or baseball caps. Neatly trimmed facial hair at all times."

It appears the coach intends to install a very stringent disciplinary standard to his new team, a la his former mentor, New York Giants head coach and known disciplinarian Tom Coughlin.

In the piece, Deadspin devotes many words to bashing Edsall for going all hard-ass on his players, as well as removing players' names from the backs of the team's jerseys. I don't know much about coaching a college football team, but I will say this: however harsh Edsall and Coughlin have been on their players in the past, their win-loss records show that it works.