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AJ Francis Discusses Wacky Family Members, Wacky West Virginia Fans

Yup, you're going to want to read this interview of AJ Francis, the defensive tackle/social media star of the Maryland Terrapins. Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post caught up with him to discuss the Maryland-West Virginia rivalry and more, and it began with some hilarious stories.

Like, for example, his ancient great-grandfather, who is a West Virginia fan.

My great-granddaddy Shaky, nobody knows what his real name is but we call him Shaky. He lives in West Virginia. We are not sure, but we think he is 155 years old. He has an oxygen tank that I think he just carries around for sympathy because there is never any oxygen coming out of it.

Or, for example, this wacky West Virginia fan:

An old lady spit on me last year. Me and Ian Davidson, we were walking out of the tunnel, coming out for the game. She had to be every bit 85 years old. Old lady said, ‘Hey!’ Ian was in front of me. He turns around and bumps me so I turn around. As we both turn around, old lady gives us the finger and spits at us. She is like 85 years old. She was a white lady with short gray hair. She looked like she probably had 15 great-grandkids. She was an old lady, just dressed up casually. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe somebody’s great-grandmother just spit on me.

This was all Francis' way of saying that Saturday's game is going to be nuts. In the process, all of the DMV fell in love with him.