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Ronnie Tyler Reportedly Assaulted Man Outside College Park 7-11

Ronnie Tyler and Quinton McCree have been suspended indefinitely from the Maryland football team following Tyler's reported assault of a man early Thursday morning. Thanks to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times, we now have some more details on that altercation.

(University Police Spokesman Marc) Limansky said Tyler punched a 33-year-old non-student from New York after an argument escalated outside the 7-11 at the 4400 block of Knox Road in College Park. Tyler then saw a police officer and fled onto campus. He was arrested outside of Allegany Hall.

If you went to the University of Maryland, you are very familiar with that 7-11. It's right in the heart of College Park, a block away from where all the bars let out. This could be a pretty big blow for the Terps because Tyler and McCree are Maryland's two most experienced wide receivers. Behind them is Kevin Dorsey (who might be their best wideout) and a bunch of talented but inexperienced prospects.

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