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ACC Expansion: Syracuse, Pittsburgh Apply To Join League, According To Report

Conference realignment reached the ACC on Saturday, as Pittsburgh and Syracuse have reportedly submitted applications to leave the Big East and join the ACC.

The latest round of college football conference realignment has apparently hit the ACC. According to several reports, Pittsburgh and Syracuse have applied for membership, and it is very likely that both will end up bolting the Big East and joining the conference.

On Friday, Pete Thamel of the New York Times reported that the two teams were talking to the ACC about applying. On Saturday, Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports reported that the ACC had officially received both of their applications. Once that happens, it's usually only a matter of time until a move is officially made. Indeed, a Big East official tells McMurphy that Pittsburgh and Syracuse are "likely gone."

This would certainly be a major shakeup to the ACC. Pittsburgh and Syracuse bring the conference's membership to 14. The upside likely is that the league would have closer access to the New York television market with the addition of the Orange.

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