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ACC Expansion: Reaction From Pittsburgh, Syracuse Fans

Though nobody will make an official comment, the genie is way out of the bottle on the possible ACC addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Reaction has come from far and wide to news that Pete Thamel initially broke for the New York Times.

Pittsburgh blog Cardiac Hill weighed in on the expansion in a primarily positive light.

I wholeheartedly think that this is the right move should an offer from the ACC come to Pittsburgh. Pitt is in top-25 media market, one of the top public universities in the nation, has a football program on the rise, and a top-notch basketball team while remaining solid in non-revenue sports. 

The folks from Syracuse didn't see things quite the same way. From Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician:

At the end of the day, if this happens, the Big East has no one to blame but themselves. Too many years waiting on the sidelines and too many missed opportunities to solidify the league.

Sentiment from many places the blame on Cuse and Pitt coming to the ACC on Big East Commissioner John Marinatto for falling asleep at the wheel. The conference realignment highway slows for nobody, and rumor is that Marinatto found out the news while sitting in the press box of the Maryland-West Virginia game.

The local impact of the move will be interesting, and we already covered what it means for the Terps. One casualty of the proposed move is the Georgetown Syracuse basketball rivalry. Casual Hoya seems defeated by inevitability of the whole superconference trend, and without major football, it appears the Hoyas might not have Saxa (get it?) with Cuse for a while.