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VIDEO: Randy Edsall Gives Impassioned Speech On Not Quitting, Then Bolts

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Randy Edsall's Maryland Terrapins may have lost to West Virginia on Saturday, but at least they can hang their hats on rallying to make it a game after training by 24 points in the second half. Oh, and don't worry, because Edsall made that clear as day in the post-game press conference following the 37-31 loss.

Edsall fielded a question about his team not quitting in the game and then launched into a monologue of extreme coach-speak that made coaches across America swoon. He made clear that no "Randy Edsall team" ever quits, then topped it off by saying that no Maryland football team will ever quit. Then, as if it wasn't dramatic enough, he immediately got off and left the podium before any reporters could get any more questions in.

OK Randy, you made your point. Congratulations. Video of the exchange, via Inside MD Sports, is below the jump.

End of Randy Edsall WVU Post Game -- from Seth Hoffman on Vimeo.