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ACC Expansion: Mike Krzyzewski Supports New Additions

Reaction continues to roll in from the changing tides of conference expansion now that Syracuse and Pittsburgh have joined the ACC. One person who supports the ACC move is Duke University Men's Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski. In an article, Coach K expresses pride in the ACC for being proactive in a changing conference landscape. 

"We're in a period of change. Whether everyone agrees with it or doesn't agree with it -- change is happening. It's not a revolution, it's evolution. These things are happening."    

The Duke and U.S. Olympic basketball coach continued with comments comparing previous changes in the sports world.

The NBA had the ABA. The NFL had the AFL. There was once no BCS. The NIT was once better than the NCAA (tournament). When it happens while you're doing it, it seems like it shouldn't happen, but it is. I think the leadership in our conference is doing a great job of getting ahead. It's good thinking, especially if everything goes down with these two schools that have great athletic programs. They are unbelievable fits for our conference.  

Jason Reid of the Washington Post expressed similar sentiment. Reid does point out the slimy nature of the backroom conference dealings.

Although clearly ruthless and predatory, the ACC is rolling the right way under the circumstances. The current climate in college sports basically is to eat or be eaten, so the ACC is choosing self-preservation.