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Maryland Reportedly Among ACC Teams Hoping For A 16 Team Conference

The ACC added two new schools over the weekend in Pittsburgh and Syracuse, but the expansion might not end there. They now stand at 14, but there is increasing speculation that they will continue to expand and might go to a 16 team "super conference." According to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun, Maryland is one of the schools that hopes they bring in two more teams.

Maryland and Duke are among those privately expressing interest in a 16-team conference, according to ACC-member representatives with knowledge of recent private discussions. According to the representatives, other ACC schools also favor moving to 16 but at least one unnamed member was against expansion.

The article continues to name Connecticut as a possible addition, but also notes that there are some schools in the Conference that might not be willing to accept the Huskies. hard to believe that there are schools that wouldn't want to let the reigning National Champions in Men's basketball.

Whatever the speculation may be, I think it's very clear that this expansion talk is no where near done. We should be hearing even more about it soon, I would imagine.

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