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Georgetown Athletics Release Statement On Status Of Big East

When Georgetown lost two of it's Basketball rivals in Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC this weekend, a lot of questions were raised about the future of the Big East and if it included Georgetown basketball. The athletics department just released a statement, and it appears as though they are sticking by the Big East.

Lee Reed, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics "As a founding member of the BIG EAST in 1979, we have confronted challenging moments in the past and we are confident that as we work through the events of the past days we will maintain the high quality of the BIG EAST Conference. . .We are fully engaged with the leadership of the University and are confident that the BIG EAST Conference is being proactive during this period of change in college athletics.

Georgetown is probably sticking by the Big East because it would be harder for them to join another conference than it would for other teams because they don't have a football program that the ACC or the SEC would covet. The Big East (a basketball conference first, second and third) is their best bet to stay in what hopefully remains a big time conference. Here are thoughts form Coach Thompson.

"If you look at our history, the Big East has undergone changes in the past, be it subtractions or additions, and we've always emerged with quality teams that compete for and win championships."