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Ronnie Tyler, Quintin McCree Will Still Be Suspended For Game Against Temple

Maryland was without their two starting wide receivers when they lost to the West Virginia Mountaineers. Ronnie Tyler and Quintin McCree were missing the game to begin a suspension that was only described as indefinitely. Now we know, via the Terps Insder twitter account, that the two will not play aginst Temple either.

The next series of tweets revolves around some of Edsall's thoughts on the two, and based on those, it doesn't sound like Edsall is in any hurry to put him back out on the field. He said that he was "disappointed" in them, which everyone knows is the worst thing you can here from a person that is constructing a punishment for you. He also says that he has a plan for the two receivers, but I expect that he might have the intention to make it public.

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