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Conference Realignment: Did Maryland Help Drive Down ACC Exit Fee?

Here's a piece of conference realignment news that makes you raise your eyebrows, at least for a second. According to a quote given by a Florida State Board of Trustees member to the Florida State Rivals site, the Seminoles and Maryland were the two schools who pushed to lower the ACC's exit fee from a preposterous $34 million to a more manageable $20 million (emphasis mine).

"There was talk of a $34 million penalty and it was at $16 (million). [FSU president] Eric [Barron] made some outstanding comments to the committee, to the ACC to explain this and that and did a great job for us. He brought that (penalty) down. He and I think Maryland and another school, they all had a problem with it being that much and brought it down to $20 (million) which is only an increase of four (million)."

None of this is to say a move is anywhere close to being a possibility, and as Testudo Times notes, this could just be a move made because a $34 million fee to switch conferences is preposterous. But then again, the Terps keep coming up in discussions about expanding the Big 10 and even the SEC, so you never know.

Like I said, it at least makes you raise your eyebrow for a second.