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Randy Edsall Expects Darin Drakeford To Play Against Temple

Darin Drakeford missed the last part of the first game against Miami as well as the entire game against West Virginia. After practicing for the last two days, Maryland coach Randy Edsall expects Drakeford to be able to play against Temple when the Maryland hosts the Owls on Saturday. That via Patrick Stevens.

Edsall also said LB Darin Drakeford practiced the last two days. Edsall "feels very good he'll be ready to go" against Temple.

Drakeford is an important part of the Terps linebacking core, which on paper is arguably the best unit on that side of the ball. They might not have missed him very much against West Virginia because the Mountaineers threw the ball 49 times, but he should be a force in the game against Temple if he does in fact return on time.

We'll have more on this game throughout the week in this StoryStream. For more on the Terrapins head over to Testudo Times, and for more on the Owls, check out SB Nation Philly.