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Temple Vs. Maryland Score Update: Bernard Pierce Starring As Beatdown Continues

Just when things can't get worse, they do. Bernard Pierce continues to destroy the Maryland defensive line, this time ripping off a 44-yard touchdown run right up the middle to give Temple a 28-0 lead. That makes four touchdowns for Pierce to go with 91 yards. Midway through the second quarter, Pierce is averaging a healthy 6.1 yards per carry.

Pierce's career day comes at the expense of every Maryland defender. A blitzing safety could not bring Pierce down, and once the Temple running back turned on the speed nobody in a gold jersey could catch him.

Now is the time for Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien to prove he deserves the praise he recieved during the offseason. The Terrapins showed last week that they can come back from a big deficit, and they certainly face one now. The Terp offense will need to move the ball and force the issue to get back in this game. 

We'll have more on this game throughout the week in this StoryStream. For more on the Terrapins head over to Testudo Times, and for more on the Owls, check out SB Nation Philly.