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Torrey Smith Introduces Himself To NFL, Catches Three Touchdowns In First Quarter

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver and former Maryland football Torrey Smith entered Week 2 with zero catches in the NFL. He ended the first quarter of the Ravens' game against the St. Louis Rams with far more than zero. In a stunning turnaround, Smith already has three touchdown catches and 133 yards in one quarter. How's that for an introduction?

Smith's first touchdown was a 76-yarder, in which he caught a pass from Joe Flacc over his shoulder and sped past the safety for the score. His second touchdown was over the top, as he outran the Rams' secondary and caught a long pass from Flacco for a 41-yard score. Finally, he showed he could win a battle in the air, as he outleaped the Rams' defender for an 18-yard score on a fade route.

All this from a guy who was plagued by drops early in his career. If you're a fantasy owner, you might want to hurry before someone else claims him.