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'Maryland Madness' Start Time Announced, And It's Closer To Midnight

Slowly but surely, Maryland Madness, the Terps' basketball program's answer to the yearly college hoops tradition of holding the first season practice at midnight, is pushing towards actually being at midnight. Last year, the event began at 7:45 p.m., with the men's basketball team taking the floor at 9:30. This year, the event itself will begin at 9:30 on October 14, according to the Washington Post.


That's one step towards appeasing the many Terps fans who want Midnight Madness at Maryland to actually live up to its name. Even if the event itself begins at 9:30, the men's basketball team could very well take the court close to midnight. That's how it's worked when the event was at midnight in the past, and it's easily how things can work going forward.


The event will feature a scrimmage and an alumni game, according to the Washington Post. We'll soon see what time those things actually take place.