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Ralph Friedgen's Wife Visits Maryland Football Team

The Maryland football team is just 1-2 after a blowout loss to Temple, and the fate of the season hangs in the balance. Enter Gloria Friedgen, the wife of former Terps coach Ralph Friedgen. Gloria was hanging around the team earlier this week, like she used to do when her husband was the coach, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.


The visit seemed innocent enough. Gloria used to occupy the role of "team mom" during Ralph's days, and on this day, she just came by to say hello (with snacks). But the timing was certainly odd, considering current head coach Randy Edsall indirectly called out Ralph and the culture he created. In the end, Barker reports there was no awkwardness, which is actually pretty impressive if you think about it. It certainly sounds like it would be very easy for there to be some, even if Edsall didn't mean to call out Ralph.