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PHOTOS: Maryland Football's Incredibly Unique Jerseys Vs. Miami

Here they are folks. These are the Maryland football jerseys the team is wearing for Monday's game against the University of Miami. The arrangement is supposed to signify the state flag, but it instead looks, uh, well, yeah. I really don't want to say anything, because I really don't know what to say.

I think the announcers of the game summed it up with this sequence (paraphrasing):

SEAN MCDONOUGH: "What do you think of these new jerseys."

MATT MILLEN: "Uhh, they're colorful. (long pause). I'll like them a whole lot more if they convert this third down."

Reaction to the jerseys themselves has been largely negative, which you can see by perusing the #Terps hashtag on Twitter. Or, you can just read LeBron James' take.


Screenshots below the jump


(via @BryanDFisher)


Via @jose3030