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Miami Vs. Maryland: Linebacker Darin Drakeford Carted Off Field With Injury

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The Terps just lost another member of their starting defensive unit. Earlier, defensive end Isaiah Ross had to leave the game with a left leg injury. This time, junior linebacker Darin Drakeford was carted off the field late in the game against Miami. Drakeford was not given the chance to walk off the field, instead being put on the cart right away and taken to the locker room.

Drakeford is a very important part of the Terrapins defense, and if they lose him for any extended period of time, it could be a pretty serious blow because they lack depth at that position. Details about Drakeford's injury are not readily available, but he spent a few moments writhing in pain on the field before being carted off, which is not a good sign.

If Drakeford is out for a while the Terps will ave a difficult time replacing him. We will have more details on this injury as soon as they become available.