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VIDEO: Joe Vellano Channels Usain Bolt, Sprints For Fumble Recovery Touchdown

Everybody loves a fat guy sprinting in for a touchdown, so everyone should love Joe Vellano running in for a touchdown late in the first half in Maryland's game against Miami. Vellano picked a fumble forced by Cameron Chism out of the air and outran everyone on the field on Miami to score a massive touchdown for the Terps.

Chism did most of the work to force the fumble on Miami running back Mike James, but Vellano stole the show with the run back. Normally, when a defensive lineman has to do something like that, he is hilariously slow, and the run back is an adventure. Vellano, though, was actually relatively fast, legitimately sprinting past players on the field for the touchdown. I wonder what his 40-yard dash time is.

(Oh, and in case you were looking for proof of the first sentence of this post, click here).

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