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Miami Vs. Maryland: Postgame Reaction From Randy Edsall, Danny O'Brien And Others

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The Maryland Terrapins just finished off an exciting 32-24 win over the Miami Hurricanes, giving coach Randy Edsall a win in his debut appearance. Here is some postgame reaction from Edsall and some of the players.

Randy Edsall

On the win in general: "It was a great win for our University, for the State, for the players, the assistant coaches. I just couldn't be more proud of the effort that everybody gave. When I came here, I talked about building a team, and tonight, I mean really, the whole team came through. The players did their jobs, the coaches did their jobs, the fans were unbeleivable. If we can create this kind of an atmosphere every Saturday, we're going to be tough to beat. When you just come out and play hard and play together, this is what happens. Like I said I couldn't be more happy and proud of those young men and those assistant coaches for a job well done."

On quarterback Danny O'Brien in the two minute drill: "That play at the end there, it's ironic because I think it's the first time all preseason where he's took a team down and scored in a two-minute situation. When you look at it, we got some weapons. I told you guys as much as I would tell you during the preseason that we have some receivers that could get it done. I thought he spread the ball around quite a bit tonight to everybody -- tight ends, receivers, running backs. I thought he was really good if his first guy was taken away, going to second and third guys I thought he did a tremendous job there. He stayed poised throughout and did a great job at the end."

On the new jerseys and what they mean: "I talked to the guys and said. 'I have two things I gotta show you.' Showed them a highlight type video, then the uniforms, because they hadn't even seen them. They knew something was up because we went out and practiced with the helmet and the shoes, because you have to break them in. But you should have been in that room when that video came on that Under Armour did that they played when we came out. I think we blew the roof off that hotel. Those kids were so excited. Again, it's about the pride. They're playing not only for themselves, but for every Maryland player that's gone through this program and the whole state. That's what we're trying to build."

Danny O'Brien

On the big play to wide receiver Kevin Dorsey on the final drive: "They gave us man [coverage], they didn't give us a lot of it throughout the game. They finally manned up, and I feel with our receivers, anytime it's one on one, it's a mismatch. We were saying the whole game that we were patient with it, and when we got that matchup, we were going to take advantage of it."

On the reaction to the new jerseys: "For real? We thought they were cool. I guess any publicity is good publicity. We thought they were pretty cool but I guess people didn't think so. Coach made a really good point before the game that it's the players inside the uniforms that win this game. It's cool to do this kind of stuff but you still have to play football and you forget about it when you're playing anyway."

Joe Vellano

On how important his fumble return was for momentum: "I think it just gave us a boost for halftime. We were right there, they came out and scored on us. The defense had to step up, we just got a turnover. [I thought], 'just run with the ball.' I just caught a gift and took it to the house.

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