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Mike Locksley Contract Incentives Ripped To Shreds By ESPN

When Mike Locksley's weird contract incentives for being Maryland football's new offensive coordinator came out, I definitely raised an eyebrow. A four-year guaranteed contract? Incentives for national recruiting rankings? These things are very odd, especially given Maryland's troublesome financial situations.

ESPN's Heather Dinich, though, did more than raise her eyebrows. She metaphorically took a machete and bashed Kevin Anderson's head against the wall.

Maryland is practically writing its own book of bad business decisions.

Offensive coordinator Mike Locksley’s contract, which includes some of the most absurd incentives I’ve ever heard of, is the latest eyebrow-raising move by athletic director Kevin Anderson.

You would think that a $500k salary and a need to shake the ghosts of the past would be enough motivation for Locksley to succeed in College Park as both a coordinator and a recruiter. Oh no. Anderson took it even further:

There's more on just how ridiculous some of those incentives really are. Preach!

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