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Maryland Officially Hires Brian Stewart As Defensive Coordinator

The rumors that began popping up over the Holiday weekend have been confirmed, as Maryland has officially announced that they will hire Brian Stewart as their defensive coordinator, according to a press release on their website. Stewart has spent time as a defensive coordinator in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, but his last position was with the Houston Cougars in the same capacity. Here is what Stewart had to say about joining the Maryland staff.

"I'm excited to join Randy's staff," Stewart said. "I admired what he did at UConn and saw the beginning of that transformation while I was at Syracuse. We've taken similar career paths as secondary coaches and then coordinators. It will be an exciting new challenge implementing our defense in the ACC, a very competitive league and one of the traditional BCS conferences."

The big question that now remains is whether or not Stewart will be bringing a new 3-4 defense with him to College Park. He ran that system with the Cowboys in the NFL and transformed the Cougars to that system during his two years in Houston. I'm sure that question will be answered sooner rather than later.

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