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National Signing Day 2012: Stefon Diggs Will Not Make Announcement On Wednesday, According To Report

The biggest, somewhat realistic target that the Marland Terrapins have on their list still is Good Counsel wide receiver Stefon Diggs. But those hoping for a conclusion to his recruiting will have to wait a little while past Signing Day, as Diggs will not make his announcement on Wednesday, according to Jim Halley of USA Today.

Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) football coach Bob Milloy said that wide receiver Stefon Diggs is unlikely to sign on Wednesday, the first day of the national letter of intent period for football. . .

"I think he is a little confused right now," Milloy said. "He's got a little bit of a decision to make. He just got back from a visit to Ohio State."

While this is somewhat of a disappointment, this is not totally uncommon. Wednesday is the first day that recruits can send in their letters of intent, not the deadline for them to pick their next school. So while Maryland remains in the hunt for Diggs, it could be a little while before we know what his intentions are.

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