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Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison to announce college decision Thursday

Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison -- better known as the Harrison Twins on the recruiting circuit -- will announce their college decision on Thursday, according to a report from Jeff Ermann of Inside MD Sports. It is believed that the two front-runners are the Maryland Terrapins and Kentucky Wildcats, although the hometown SMU Mustangs are also considered to be in the running.

Inside MD Sports also reported that Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon was in Texas last week visiting the two brothers.

The twin brothers reclassified to the 2013 class a couple of months ago. Andrew Harrison is considered to be more of a point guard who can facilitate the offense, while Aaron Harrison profiles to be more of a shooting guard at the next level. Both players are consensus top-10 recruits and were wanted by most major programs in the nation.

It will be an interesting week filled with rumors. Landing the two brothers would be a huge victory for Turgeon and the Terrapins, although it's tough to imagine they'll wrestle them away from Kentucky. The Wildcats seemingly get whomever they want on the recruiting trail right now.