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Randy Edsall On Danny O'Brien Transferring, Rumored Issues With Vanderbilt

There continues to be fallout over Danny O'Brien transferring away from the University of Maryland. We have two new tidbits of information to pass along. The first is from Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post who has an interesting note from Randy Edsall about his thoughts on O'Brien transferring.

According to someone who spoke with O’Brien, Edsall told O’Brien, "Danny, if you decide to do this, with all you have accomplished here, I think you are making a mistake. Really think this through."

Ina bit of a surprising move, Coach Edsall sat down with CSN's Chick Hernandez for an interview about the recent headlines for Maryland football. They start talking about Stefon Diggs and his recent commitment, but it doesn't take long for Chick to ask about Danny O'Brien. Transcription is below.

Here is what Randy had to say about Danny O'Brien, and whether he as a victim of the change in offensive philosophies:

Well, I don't know. That would be a question for Danny to answer. I just know that Danny is a great young man. I like Danny as a person, I liked him as a student and I liked him as a player.

On O'Brien being barred from transferring to Vanderbilt:

We had stipulations in there, the same schools for all three of them (Max Garcia and Mario Rowson). So neither of the three were treated any differently than the other guys. Again, I'm not going to get into the names, the schools of what we put on there because as we talked to the players we said that was a situation where we would keep that amongst ourselves. But usually what will end up happening is there will be schools on there that you might compete against or if there's things that you feel might have taken place that you might put schools on that list. We have that prerogative to put schools on that list, the players have the prerogative that if they want to appeal that, they can appeal that as well.

Edsall seems to be getting at the rumors that there are some issues with the current coaching staff and former assistant coach James Franklin. There are also rumors that Franklin might have tampered with O'Brien while he was still a Terp.

For more on the Danny O'Brien situation or other transfers, check back to this StoryStreamor visit SB Nation's Maryland blog Testudo Times and stick to this StoryStream for all of the latest information.