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Stefon Diggs Said He And Wes Brown Were A Package Deal 10 Months Ago

Maryland is hosting Good Counsel five-star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, the top recruit available after National Signing Day, this weekend. That alone has caused Terps fans to get excited at the idea of a top prospect staying home for once. This interview, dug up by Testudo Times, should excite Terps fans even more.

It's an interview by Rivals conducted with Diggs and high-school teammate Wes Brown, a four-star running back who switched his commitment to Maryland late in the signing process. Pay close attention to this line:

OK, let's play that angle. Are you guys a package deal heading to college? Do you want to play with each other?

Diggs: Yes, that's the idea.

Brown: Yes, but just because a coach recruits one of us doesn't mean he's automatically getting the other one. He's got to want the other one, too. He can't just be like, 'Oh, we'll take Wes because we really want Stefon.' He has to have a role for both of us.

Diggs: Right. You can't just offer one of us and then I don't hear from you for a few months.

Given that Brown is currently the jewel of Maryland's class, and given that Diggs is visiting the Terps this weekend, I have a feeling Randy Edsall wants to have both of them.

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