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Kenny Tate Injury Update: Maryland Linebacker Unlikely To Practice Until August, Randy Edsall Says

We're still not sure exactly what injury ailed Kenny Tate and caused him to get a medical redshirt to return for a fifth season next year, but we do know that it still lingers. That's because coach Randy Edsall announced Friday that Tate will not likely practice for a while. Via Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times:

Tate was ruled out for the year after just four games last season. A former all-ACC safety, Tate struggled with the transition to linebacker even before his injury.

Edsall also announced that spring practice would begin on March 10 and the spring game will be on April 21. He said he expects both quarterbacks -- C.J. Brown and Danny O'Brien -- to return to the program, but added that O'Brien will be limited during the spring as he continues to recover from a season-ending shoulder injury.

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