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PHOTO: Maryland Football Showing Off Its 'Pride' Uniforms To Stefon Diggs, Others

Saturday is a big day in Terpland. Not only is the Maryland basketball team hosting No. 6 North Carolina, but the football team is hosting a number of recruits, most notably five-star wide receiver Stefon Diggs from Good Counsel, the top unsigned player in the Class of 2012. Naturally, the team must really clean the football facility up to make a good impression on the kid.

Here's how they're doing it, via Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

There is new equipment in the weight room, and the walls of the dining room have been freshly painted and decorated with Maryland and Under Armour symbols. The locker room doors feature fresh, poster-sized photos of Terps players with the "Protect This House' slogan in block letters.

The part that got me, though, was something Barker didn't mention in his article, tweeting it instead.

Ah yes, those unique "Pride" uniforms. The Terps evidently believe recruits will want to wear them, and so, this is how they are showing them off.



(Both photos via Barker's twitter feed).

Clearly, this is the ultimate test of the state-flag design that was criticized by so many people last year, myself included. If those uniforms help bring Stefon Diggs to College Park, I take everything back.

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