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Danny O'Brien Transfer Rumors Come Four Days After QB Hosted Stefon Diggs

UPDATE: Wednesday afternoon, O'Brien released the following Tweet: "Contrary to rumor, I am still a Terp." We will have more updates on this story as it develops.

The news that Danny O'Brien might transfer from the Maryland football team is surprising, but not completely surprising. His departure certainly makes logical sense, considering coach Randy Edsall decided to start C.J. Brown over him last year even though O'Brien was less than a year removed from being the ACC Freshman of the Year.

Here's the part that gets me, though. Remember when five-star wide receiver recruit Stefon Diggs decided to make a last-minute visit to College Park over the weekend? Guess who hosted him.

We already knew that this was in the works, but we've gotten some extra confirmation that it is, indeed, happening. And, as a bonus, we've been told his host on the official visit will be Danny O'Brien, who would likely be Diggs' quarterback in College Park. I'm not sure I could've picked a better host.

Brilliant plan, Terps. Have the guy that is thinking about leaving the program host one of the top recruits to ever consider the school.

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