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Danny O'Brien Transfer: Is Oklahoma State A Possible Destination?

For a while now Vanderbilt has been considered the favorite for Danny O'Brien to continue his career after transferring from the University of Maryland. But the pending investigation against James Franklin and the University might give him some pause, and all we really know is that he wants to go to a Power Conference. Enter Oklahoma State, the topic of some new rumors. SB Nation has the source of the rumors, and why they may make sense.

It's a fine pairing to consider, as OSU has to replace veteran starter Brandon Weeden, and O'Brien fared much better in the less-conservative Maryland offense of his freshman year. O'Brien could play right away too, so long as he enrolled in a graduate program that Maryland doesn't have.

After watching O'Brien flounder in the Gary Crowton offense it would be fun to watch him play in a system that allows him to throw the ball all over the field. On the other hand, he could put up big numbers and that would look pretty bad for the Terps who benched him last season.

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