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Randy Edsall Gets Vote Of Confidence From Maryland University President Wallace D. Loh

Maryland president Wallace D. Loh stopped by The Baltimore Sun to discuss the current state of the school's athletic program, which was highlighted by Loh giving a less than stellar endorsement of football head coach Randy Edsall after his team posted a 2-10 record in a tumultuous 2011 campaign.

Here is what he had to say:

"Well, he's our coach," Loh said finally. "And, uh, I think he has some very, very positive qualities. He is very interested in the student's success, as is Kevin Anderson. First and foremost, when I hired Kevin Anderson, I made it clear: we're in big-time athletics, but among student-athletes, the welfare of the student comes first. They must graduate, they must acquire the kinds of skills that will make them successful in life, because the vast majority are not going into professional athletics . . .

"Having set those broad parameters . .. 2-10 is not a record any of us likes. But on the other hand, it takes time to have a winning program. But I remain hopeful and supportive of both of them that they can turn the program around and have a winning program, while still abiding by those values."

Edsall has been criticized mightily for the departures of numerous players in addition to the lackluster on-field performance. This statement coming from the president should give him a clue that his time at Maryland could be over shortly if things don't turn around.

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