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Sean Mosley Never Became An All-American, But Still Became A Special Player For Maryland

Maryland senior guard Sean Mosley most likely played his last game in College Park in Sunday's overtime loss to Virginia. Why he should be appreciated.

COLLEGE PARK, MD.--Barring unique circumstances, Sean Mosley has played his final home game for the Maryland Terrapins. On Senior Day Sunday, the crowd cheered wildly for Mosley and the Terps to win, but the effort came up just short for both the player and the team.

In many ways, it's a fitting parallel for Mosley's Maryland career. Mosley always played hard, played tough, kept his composure and made smart plays. But Mosley never developed into a game-changer, somebody the opposing coach lost sleep over, despite all his solid and heady play over the years.

Coming to Maryland as a heralded recruit from Baltimore in 2008, fans never knew what to expect from Mosley. He offered so many great traits; leadership, vision, and a diligent work ethic. A look back at his recruit profile actually shows a pretty accurate description of the player Mosley would become in four years at Maryland, spending most of that time as a starter.

"He's got a mature game and scores in a variety of ways," the profile said. "Won't 'wow' you in any aspect but will be a consistent offensive force, dives on the floor for loose balls and is always one of the best players on the court."

Consistency is definitely a strong point for the senior captain, though his development never made him a true offensive force. Mosley entered the game scoring more than 10 points per game and hauling in just under five rebounds per game. In his last game at the Comcast Center, Mosley stepped up, scored 17 points, and brought down 10 rebounds.

"Sean was great and has been great all year. He hasn't shot the ball great all year; but he has been great," first-year Maryland coach Mark Turgeon said.

"I can't imagine where I would be without him coaching this young team," the coach added. "He has been a rock."

Perhaps the most important aspect of Mosley's game is one that does not show up in box scores: his personality. Mosley plays hard, every game, every minute, hustling on defense, diving for loose balls, and stays positive and encouraging with teammates. Throughout his career, Mosley has guarded forwards with more size. Other times he has matched up with guards with quicker moves. Regardless of his assignment, Mosley never complained.

Asked to describe his time at Maryland, Mosley summed it up with one word.

"Great. It was great. I couldn't put it any more clearer than that," he said.

As a Baltimore native, Mosley said he loved being able to play in front of friends and family. It also meant a lot to get to play for three years under legendary head coach Gary Williams, as well as help Turgeon begin his transition to the next phase of Maryland basketball.

As the clock ticked towards the end of overtime, Turgeon removed his seniors from the game so the home crowd could salute Mosley. The applause that followed came loudly, as nearly every person in Comcast Center stood and cheered. Maryland fans showed their appreciation for all the effort Mosley put in, every day, for four years.

"I felt really blessed, to be honest," Mosley said of the ovation. "I never thought in a million years I'd have the whole Comcast standing up cheering for me."