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Evan Smotrycz Will Transfer To Maryland, According To Report

After a few weeks to mull over the decision, Maryland sophomore Evan Smotrycz will reportedly transfer to the University of Maryland, according to this tweet from Inside Maryland Sports.

Smotrycz is an intriguing talent to add to the mix at Maryland, considering he offers a unique type of talent that the Terps don't already offer. At 6-foot-9, he is a classic "stretch 4" who can bring the defense outside with his range while being able to defend power forwards on the other side.

Coming out of High School, Smotrycz was a four-star recruit and ranked in the top 60 nationally. In his sophomore season at Michigan this year, Smotrycz played just over 20 minutes a game and averaged 7.7 points per contest. What is really intriguing is that he shot over 43% from behind the arc, a skillset which the Terps could desperately use. He should mix in very well with the big men currently on the Terps roster, most of whom are traditional big men who spend most of their time in the painted area.

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