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Maryland Basketball Fans Make GQ's 'Worst Sports Fans In America' List

What is it about lists? We know that they're completely subjective, incendiary pieces of linkbait, and yet everybody clicks on them anyway.

And now that our spiel is out of the way, here's a list from GQ magazine that names what they consider to be the 15 worst sports fans (or, technically, fanbases) in America. The Maryland basketball faithful are No. 5 in the men's magazines list of the 15 worst, beating out the Lakers, Oregon basketball, Wisconsin football, the Cowboys, the Canadiens, LSU football, the Yankees, Duke basketball, Penn State football, and the Red Sox.

As for the four fan bases that are worse than Maryland's, the site singles out the Raiders, West Virginia, and (we just love this) Eagles and Phillies fans.

Maryland's section, subtitled, "Night Terrors," gives a list of the five worst sports-related riots in College Park. Sadly, there's no pithy insults, just statements of fact, which make it somewhat hard to rebut.