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VIDEO: 'Shutdown Fullback' Makes Maryland's State Song Its Fight Song

Some people have ambitious life goals. They want to visit all seven continents or climb Mount Everest or get hired as an ESPN columnist sight unseen. (What, too soon?)

We, however, have much more modest goals. We want to party with Spencer Hall, the evil genius behind Every Day Should Be Saturday and co-host of "Shutdown Fullback," available exclusively on the SB Nation YouTube Channel.

In a snippet from one of their recent episodes, known as the "Metal Episode," Spencer and his co-host, SB Nation college football editor Jason Kirk, re-tool Maryland's fight song. It's after the jump.

OK, OK, we know that it's just "Maryland, My Maryland" set to a generic heavy-metal backtrack. Doesn't make it any less awesome.

We do wish, however, that they had gotten to the part in the song that refers to Abraham Lincoln as a tyrant and says "[fellow slave state] Virginia should not call in vain." But that's just the history geek in us talking.

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