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New ACC Television Contract Is Not Enough To Save Maryland's Non-Revenue Sports

When the ACC signed a 15-year media rights deal with ESPN back in June worth $17 million per year per school, there was hope that some of the non-revenue sports for Maryland that were announced to be cut would be able to be saved.

The increase in revenue is $4 million per year over the life of the contract, however the new contract has a gradual increase with the first year expecting to be only $1 million.

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson wrote an open letter saying that this new money would not be enough to save any of the non-revenue sports:

"Unfortunately, this money will not assist the Save Our Sports campaign," Anderson wrote. "The President's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics took into account the expansion-related increase in the television contracts when it forecasted future revenue, prior to making the recommendation to discontinue sports. So the increase in the television contract is not ‘new' money for budgeting purposes."

The non-revenue sports have until June 30 to reach their monetary goal to be able to continue their sport on the varsity level.

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