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Maryland Basketball To Get Own Maryland Pride Uniform In 2012-13

Let's give Jakob Engelke of the props with this story.

On one level, this isn't surprising, since both the football and lacrosse teams have gone for the gusto with their Maryland Pride uniforms. It's pretty clear that the athletic department wants to use its status as the region's most popular university and biggest sports school to carve out a niche among people who love the state flag, as well as among youngsters who like to wear, ahem, distinct clothing.

On the other hand, we wouldn't have necessary expected Mark Turgeon to be involved in something like this. We've had limited dealings with Turgeon, but he's always struck us as being very much a coach who values substance over style (copyright Flip Saunders). Unlike his football counterpart, Turgeon's never gone on and on about Maryland being his "dream job," but he has slowly and steadily gone about the work of putting his program together.

But who are we kidding? Unis uber alles, as always.