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New Maryland Basketball Uniforms Featuring State-Flag Arrangement Leaked

Fans wanting an early look at the new basketball uniforms for the University of Maryland are in luck. SB Nation's Terps blog, Testudo Times, got their hands on photo of the State-Flag unis from a source inside the school's athletic department.

The uniforms are not fan art. The photo is a picture of the design from Under Armour, the maker of the uniforms. Check it out:



These may not be the final product fans see on the court, as changes could be made, as Testudo Times noted in their exclusive report on Wednesday morning.

One notable change is the addition of the "Terrafont" for the typeface as well as the uniform numbers. Uniforms for the football team and the lacrosse team made the same changes.

Additional versions of the uniform could still be introduced, including one that replaces the flag patterns with a turlte shell pattern, a la the football uniforms. For complete details, check out Testudo Times.

UPDATE: Maryland Athletics has issued this statement on its Twitter page.