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Maryland Athletic Director Says Randy Edsall Was In 'No-Win Situation' In 2011

Coming off a 2-10 season in 2011 and the postseason departures of 24 players -- 24 players! -- Maryland football faces an imposing schedule of games in 2012, including tricky road games against West Virginia, Clemson, and a Virginia team that seems to be everyone's chic pick to contend in the ACC.

Against this backdrop, Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson went on Sirius XM's "College Football Playbook" and dropped the JC bomb.

I had another coach here [Ralph Friedgen], and either the fans liked him or didn't like him, but the way things happened and transpired, whoever I was bringing in here was probably going to have difficulty unless it was Jesus Christ, to be honest with you.

Not sure why Anderson limited himself to just Jesus. We once heard Alan Dershowitz say that "Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Clarence Darrow, and Thurgood Marshall" couldn't have won Mike Tyson an acquittal when he was accused of rape back in the early '90s. We'd like to hear something like that: the new Maryland football coach would probably have difficulty unless it was "Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Vince Lombardi, or Joe Pa -- ah, wait, never mind that last one."

Meanwhile, Maryland opens its season against William & Mary in 50 days.

(h/t to the Post's Terrapins Insider blog)