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Kevin Anderson On Staying At Maryland: 'If You Wanted To Bet On It, You'd Win The Money'

University of Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson appeared on "The Sports Junkies" on 106.7 The Fan Thursday morning on behalf of the Casey Cares Foundation for critically ill children. After a few moments discussing the charity, the hosts turned their attention to the apparently erroneous reports that had Anderson leaving College Park to take the same positon at Stanford.

"I was very disappointed in the way the situation has been handled," Anderson said. "No one from Stanford has talked to me. I haven't talked to anybody from Stanford. And for that to be reported in my hometown newspaper, which I do miss because I held it in high esteem ... very irresponsible."

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Anderson was then asked if he would see out his contract, which runs through 2015. His response: "I believe that if you want to bet on it, you'll win the money."

Other highlights from the interview include Anderson on cutting sports: "I didn't come to Maryland to cut sports ... Besides having a death in my family, going around and talking to those young people and telling them that we're going to discontinue their teams, that was one of the worst weeks, months, in my life."

On Randy Edsall: "Randy Edsall is a fine football coach, but a better human being ... He graduated kids up at UConn. I think in his second-to-last year there, he graduated the most African-American football players in the country ... But then, going around and talking to everyone around the country about what kind of football coach he is, I get high marks ... 2-10 is unacceptable to me and to him. But you know what, we're gonna move, and we're moving forward. We had some transition in the program. The philosophy has changed, and what we're trying to do is we're looking at what the NCAA's doing, because they're moving up the academic requirements. And so, if you want to play football at the University of Maryland, you have to be a committed student, you have to be committed to doing the right thing and winning football."

When offered the opportunity to criticize his predecessor Debbie Yow by name, Anderson declined, but did say, "I was surprised at some of the things when we came in, that we had uncovered."

Special thanks to "Sports Junkies" producer Matt Cahill for the audio.