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SB Nation Previews Maryland And Virginia's Football Seasons

We have less than 50 days before September 1 and the start of the college football season, which means that conference preview season is well underway. Over at SB Nation's main site, Bill Connelly has spent this week looking at the ACC "from the bottom to the top," which means that he's already knocked out previews for both Maryland and Virgina.

Here's what Bill had to say about the Terps.

[T]here could be hope that a much-improved Maryland squad could start the year 4-1, then have an outside shot of taking out N.C. State and perhaps Georgia Tech at home to reach six wins. It is still unlikely, however. In the end, an improvement to four or, perhaps, five wins should be cause for calling the season an undeniable step forward.

And here's Bill on the Hoos.

Virginia should be able to aim for an approximation of last year's win total. Seven or eight wins should be perfectly acceptable in a consolidation-of-gains year.

There's a lot of interesting stuff in both previews, and the Virginia Tech preview should be coming next week. So do stop over to SB Nation's college football hub and take a look around.

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