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PHOTO: Maryland's New Football Field Looks Very Nice, Thank You Very Much

Remember a few months ago, when the University of Maryland started ripping up the turf at Byrd Stadium? You know, when Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said that Maryland would have "the coolest field, figuratively and literally," and everyone got kind of nervous because this is Maryland and Oh my God please don't look directly into those uniforms because you could go blind and then there'd be a huge liability issue on our hands.

Well, once it was confirmed that the field wouldn't be black or pewter, as some speculated, everyone's more or less just sat back and let the project go ahead.

On Wednesday, Jakob Engelke of Inside Maryland Sports posted the photo below. It was taken by an IMS subscriber from the Byrd Stadium press box. It shows the field installation to be almost complete, and we've gotta say, it looks very good.


Look at that. Nothing better than a nice, green field with a sweet end zone flag design, right? Right.