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Maryland Basketball Recruiting: Sam Cassell Jr. Ruled Ineligible After Maryland Appeal

The University of Maryland lost its appeal with the NCAA on the eligibility of Sam Cassell Jr. on Friday afternoon, which means the freshman guard will not be playing for the Terps this year.

The son of former NBA player and current Washington Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassel, Cassel Jr. had six of his courses at Notre Dame Prep invalidated by the NCAA. Notre Dame Prep had been placed on the NCAA "Watch List" and the issue with Cassell revolved around his "intiial eligibility" to attend Maryland.

His father is not pleased with the ruling and believes that the course of action being taken is the NCAA venting their frustrations with Notre Dame Prep on his son.


"The NCAA just wants kids to fail," he added. "It's not these kids' fault. The NCAA can't penalize Notre Dame Prep, so they are squashing the kids dreams."

In addition to Cassell Jr., former classmate and Xavier freshman guard Myles Davis had his courses deemed invalidated, as well. As of this time it's unclear what Cassell's next course of action will be.

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon issued the following statement, as reported by Inside MD Sports.

We've exhausted every option and made our best effort. I'm very pleased with the work that our compliance staff put in on Sam's behalf. Obviously, we're very disappointed that he will be unable to attend the University of Maryland at this time and be a part of our basketball program. We will continue to support Sam and his family in any way that we can as they determine their next steps.

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