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Maryland Basketball Recruiting: Father Of Harrison Twins Refutes Report

Despite an earlier report Saturday that he was at odds with his sons Andrew and Aaron over their 2013 recruitment, Aaron Harrison Sr. told InsideMDSports that is not the case:

"That's just [the reporter of the story] doing his thing. I'd talked to him one time a few months ago and he re-worded what I said and took it all out of context in his article, so I don't talk to him anymore. Maybe that's why he had to write something. He makes up things and runs with them for attention," Harrison said.

Andrew and Aaron have appeared to narrow their choice to either Maryland or Kentucky, with Saturday's earlier report stating that the sons wanted to attend Kentucky while their father preferred they play at Maryland. Aaron Harrison Sr. was emphatic in stating that is not the case:

"Here's the thing. He can say it's an unnamed source, but I promise you there's no sources with us. Unless you're me, my wife, Aaron or Andrew, or their grandparents, you're not going to have anything to say because no one else knows about our confidential discussions. And my wife and our parents haven't talked to anyone about it. I changed the kids' numbers, so the two coaches have their number and no one else calls," he said.

The Harrison twins are expected to announce their joint decision from their Texas high school on Oct 29.

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