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NFL Picks

NFC And AFC Championship Game 2012 Picks And Predictions: A Super Bowl Repeat?

Will we see a Super Bowl rematch? Our picks for championship weekend are in.

Divisional Round NFL Playoffs Picks 2012: Can Tim Tebow Keep Magic Going Vs. Patriots

Can Tim Tebow win in the divisional round? What did the Redskins teach us about the Giants? That and more in this week's NFL picks.

2012 NFL Playoffs, Wild Card Weekend Picks And Predictions: Breaking Down Some Non-Redskins Football

Making our picks for Wild Card weekend and wishing the Redskins were involved.

Week 17 NFL Picks And Predictions: Mad Dash To Finish Sends Redskins To Philadelphia

Week 17 usually gets weird, see where the upsets will happen.

Week 16 NFL Picks And Predictions: Washington Redskins Favored At Home Vs. Minnesota Vikings?

We unveil our Christmas weekend picks, including more Redskins optimism.

Week 15 NFL Picks And Predictions: Washington Redskins Head To Dirty Jersey

NFL Week 15 Picks: Can the Redskins Win In Dirty Jersey?

Week 13 NFL Picks: Washington Redskins Go For Two In A Row, And Stranger Things Have Happened

Can the Redskins win two games in a row? Find out why we're optimistic in this week's NFL picks.

Week 12 NFL Picks: Thanksgiving Makes For A Betting Feast

Turkey, mashed potatoes, betting on football. Sounds perfect.

Week 11 NFL Picks: Cowboys Vs. Redskins, Where We Won't Get Fooled Again

The Redskins always get up for their rival, right? Sorry, we're not fooled.

Week 9 NFL Picks: Redskins Vs. 49ers Is A Possible Trap Game

Are the Redskins part of a trap game? Should that give fans hope against the 49ers? Find out in the Week 9 NFL Picks.

Week 7 NFL Picks: Always Bet On John Beck

Are we rolling with John Beck and the Washington Redskins this week? You bet we are.

Week 6 NFL Picks: Can Washington Redskins Finish Off Philadelphia Eagles?

Can the Redskins finish off the Eagles? Our resident NFL picks expert tries to answer that question and more in this week's edition.

Week 5 NFL Picks: Washington Redskins Bye Means More Betting

The Redskins are on a bye, which means more time to devote to the rest of the week's games. Here are our picks, for recreational purposes only.

NFL Week 4 Picks: Keeping Faith In Washington Redskins

A new person has assumed our NFL picks feature, and he's making some changes around here. OK, maybe not, but enjoy the picks anyway.

Week 3 NFL Picks: Buffalo Vs. New England; There Can Only Be One 3-0 Team

Our fearless picks leader had a losing week last week. What can he do to turn it around this week?

Week 2 NFL Picks: Does Michael Vick Dominate In Return To Atlanta?

We were (barely) over .500 last week, so let's do this again! In this week's edition, we predict a huge game for Michael Vick and laugh at the Seahawks-Steelers line.