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Yi Jianlian Meets The Capitals, Feigns Interest In Hockey

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Yi Jianlian is new to the city of Washington. When you're seven feet tall and you don't speak a lot of english, it might be difficult to make new friends. Ted Leonsis is a sensitive owner, he understands this type of thing. So he set up a play date for Yi with the some of the Capitals before their game against the Senators on Monday.


Ben Summer at Caps Outsider has a picture of Yi doing his best Michal Neuvirth imitation. He's not that good at impressions, he just stood next to his locker and said, "look at me, I'm Michal Neuvirth." But everyone was polite and laughed anyway.


Dan Steinberg at D.C. Sports Bog has one of Yi sending a very important text while pretending to be super-excited about Ovechkin's game-winning goal.


Caps Outsider also mentions that this was Yi's first ever hockey game. If he's already jumping on the Caps' bandwagon then he'll fit right in.