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Semyon Varlamov Ready To Return As Capitals Backup

After missing the first weekend of the season with a groin injury, Semyon Varlamov is ready to return to the Capitals. Katie Carrera at the Washington Post has excerted an article from the Russian publication Sport-Express that features in interview with Varlamov himself.

"Everything is fine with me now," Varlamov said. Wednesday "I will be the backup. And then, we'll see. If they want me to play, I will play, because I am ready. I was through full practices and it all feels alright."

He also added.

Yes, one hundred percent. I am hoping to get a start this week. Perhaps in the upcoming road game, but it's up to the coaches, of course.

Michael Neuvirth has been starting between the Caps for the Pipes and has been doing a fine job. But having the depth that Varlamov can add is never a bad thing.